Health Information Policy


At each meeting with the patient, we explain what we wish to do and what we will do with the findings and outcome. The patient’s consent is sought and their questions are addressed. 

Only when informed consent has been confirmed in writing, on the day, do we proceed with the health or medical process. If the patient does not consent, we do not proceed with the health or medical process.

When the health or medical process has been completed and the outcome agreed, relevant paperwork is completed to notify the employer of the outcome. The patient is given or sent a copy of the outcome information that is shared with the employer.

The patient can change their decision about consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent will halt the process of sending an outcome to the employer. In such a case, the employer will be told that an outcome cannot be provided because there is no consent.



Personal health information is kept securely and privately within the patient’s occupational health file, written or electronic, and is not recorded or retained anywhere else.

Personal health information and medical findings remain confidential within the occupational health service and are not disclosed to anybody else unless there is explicit consent by the patient to a specific disclosure.


Access to health information

A patient can see the contents of their own occupational health file on request. We will assist with any necessary interpretation of medical terminology and explanation of outcomes.

A request by a patient for a copy of papers within the occupational health file will be dealt with promptly by our medical administration staff at the MOHS centre.



We comply with all personal health information legislation and we adopt appropriate responsible guidance.

The relevant legislation includes:

The Access to Medical Reports Act 1988

The Access to Health Records Act 1990

The Data Protection Act 1998

Appropriate responsible guidance includes:

Good Medical Practice GMC 2006

Consent GMC 2008

Confidentiality GMC 2009

Guidance on Ethics for Occupational Physicians FOM 2006

Good Occupational Medical Practice FOM 2010



Please raise any queries, questions or comments with any member of MOHS staff or by email to