About us

MOHS was established in 1962 as a registered charity to provide quality occupational health services and medical provision to organisations and businesses in both the private and public sectors.

As an independent provider, we have the strength in depth to deliver bespoke and proactive solutions, tailored to a client's requirements and budgets, and clinical support to resolve workplace health issues.

Early intervention and proactive management of employee health is proven to enhance productivity and morale, and can help reduce employment costs.

Our clients include a wide range of organisations in both the public and private sectors, ranging from blue chip organisations to SMEs.

A key strength is our ability to forge strong and long lasting relationships with our clients and their employees. Our approach is based on close client contact to ensure consistent, reliable and relevant processes that are well coordinated and managed, and delivered in accordance with corporate policies and procedures, plus legislative guidelines. 

We focus on identifying and preventing health issues, restoring good health and promoting wellbeing in the workplace through our extensive range of market leading services:

The MOHS team of OH physicians, advisors, technicians and administrators is tight knit and interconnected, able to communicate and cooperate daily to apply the right expertise and share best practice - without compromising quality. 

Registered charity

As a registered charity (no 230407), we are committed to the ethos of social enterprise. Any surplus income is reinvested into our business to allow continual development and service improvement.

Mission statement

To ensure contemporary and relevant occupational health and wellbeing by:

  • measuring and meeting the needs of our clients
  • assuring affordable and efficient care for their employees
  • evolving the excellence of our clinical teams and their resources

Business objectives

  • To provide a comprehensive service in occupational health, medical expertise, employee wellbeing and health and safety training
  • To incorporate a high quality bespoke service, sustaining all client needs and expectations
  • To continue committing to quality management systems, meeting all the requirements of ISO 9001, SEQOHS and CBH, and to continuous improvement  
  • To further develop client satisfaction and other KPI activity
  • To share best practice and benchmarking activity 


MOHS is ISO compliant in quality management and has SEQOHS and CBH (Constructing Better Health) accreditation (click here to find out more and view our accreditation certificates. 

These accreditations ensure our clients of the best practice standards as well as having structures and processes in place to adapt quickly and easily to legislative changes.


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