HGV medicals: new licence and renewals

There is currently a shortfall of 50,000 or more HGV drivers in the UK. Industry has been instructed by the government to recruit local rather than international drivers to fill these gaps.

For many people this type of work is an attractive proposition, particularly for those who may have been on furlough, out of work or are seeking a career change. 

HGV medical essential to obtain driver’s licence  
Part of the application process for a provisional HGV licence is proving that the applicant is medically fit to drive this class of vehicle. 

In many cases, this medical is undertaken by an applicant’s GP and on some occasions, their optician. However as the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact general practice, there is a lack of face-to-face appointments which is hindering this part of the application process for many people.

MOHS HGV medicals
Our team of doctors can assess and certify you fit (including completion of the official DVLA form) to DVLA requirements. 

  • Appointments last 30 minutes and will consist of a general medical and final completion of the DVLA form.

How to book

Find out more and book an HGV medical for yourself or someone you work with:

Email: info@mohs.co.uk
Phone: 0121 601 4041


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