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Is it too hot to work?

Whilst are currently no laws on maximum working temperatures, however we have lots of tips to make working in the heat more bearable.
As the UK enjoys another summer of scorching temperatures, many people will be asking if it is too hot to be at work. Current laws do not include a maximum working temperature…

Benefits of an Occupational Health Programme

Organisations have a legal duty to look after employees whilst they are at work and there are many benefits from investing in their health, safety wellbeing.
Employees are arguably the most important asset of an organisation. Whilst UK employers have a legal responsibility to protect their employees’ health and safety, it also makes…

Ageing workforce continues to be an at-risk group

Latest figures from the Health & Safety Executive highlight the importance of protecting workers' safety, particularly those aged 60 or older.
Latest figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have revealed that 147 people were killed at work in the year 2018-2019 (April-March), one quarter of whom were aged 60…

Health Information Week 2019

As part of Health Information Week 2019 we are providing health tips, information and and advice.
Exercise Exercise doesn’t have to be hardcore. Daily walks, taking the stairs (rather than lift), dancing to a YouTube clip or favourite song, parking the car further away from…

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