Mental health services

It is estimated that in any one year, approximately one in four British adults will experience at least one diagnosable mental health disorder.

Support from colleagues and line managers is clearly vital in helping employees manage distress or mental illness but many employees admit to feeling uncomfortable about working alongside colleagues who have mental health symptoms.

Even if work colleagues and friends are open and supportive to someone with mental health problems, they may be unsure of how to deal with someone who is particularly distressed or going through a crisis.

MOHS offers a range of psychological interventions; mental health training; and awareness workshops to help support employees at all levels. 

Psychological interventions

  • Counselling / CBT therapies (one to one therapy)
  • Bereavement counselling¬†
  • Professional consultations
  • Learning disability / IQ assessments
  • Post traumatic event debriefing

For more information please contact Lianne Goddard, Coordinator of Medical Services, via email: or call: 0121 601 4041.

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