Health surveillance

Health surveillance involves monitoring employees who are exposed to certain workplace health risks or situations for early signs of work related illness or injury.

The information obtained then allows employers to manage these risks and to ascertain whether control measures in place are working effectively.

Such surveillance also provides opportunity for employee feedback and offers a way of reinforcing health and safety messages to the workforce.


Surveillance is required when employees are exposed to risks such as excessive noise, hand/arm vibration, solvents, fumes, dust, biological agents, asbestos or lead, or if their work involves compressed air, ionising radiations or diving.

NB: this is not an exhaustive list; there may be other specific hazards in the workplace.

For exposure to risks such as manual handling or repeated stress, other health surveillance methods available include encouraging symptom reporting and checking sickness records.

Risk assessment

A risk assessment is the starting point in a health surveillance programme as it identifies health hazards in a workplace, employees at risk and the measures needed to control or minimise the risks.

If the risks identified cannot be totally removed, employers should consider measures to safeguard employees’ health, such as health surveillance.

What we do

Our highly experienced occupational health advisors and screening technicians work with the organisation to find the most cost effective and efficient way of delivering surveillance through assessments which can include: hearing vision; lung function; biological monitoring effects of vibration; and drugs and alcohol screening.

Mobile screening units

We have a fleet of fully equipped mobile units which can supplement onsite health provision or can be used as a standalone service, depending on the client's preferences and facilities.

Services provided by the units include:

  • soundproofed audiometry booth for hearing tests
  • hand arm vibration assessments
  • respiratory (lung function) health assessments
  • skin assessments
  • drug and alcohol testing
  • forklift / truck medicals
  • musculoskeletal assessments
  • new starter / general health / fitness to work health assessments
  • vision testing - near, far, peripheral, VDU assessments, colour blindness, depth & visual fields
  • health promotion and wellbeing eg cholesterol testing, weight management etc
  • display screen environment assessment

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