First aid at work training

The right knowledge can save lives

Workplace incidents where people get hurt or injured will always happen. But having a trained first aider on hand is vital and it's law*. It can make a world of difference to any victims, staff moral and it can and has saved lives.

Our first aid courses provide practical 'hands on' learning, combined with theoretical knowledge. Their aim is to develop ability and instil confidence and a sense of responsibility in workplace first aiders.

Our experienced team of first aid trainers will help your employees reach the highest levels of competence workplaces require. Together, we'll ensure your business is compliant with current legislation.

Successful completion of a first aid course will also empower the employee. They'll go forward with the knowledge that may help them save the lives of colleagues, family, friends or strangers, should the need arise.

Legal compliance

*Compliance with first aid at work legislation is statutory for all UK businesses.  Whether a workplace requires a 3–day course or a 1–day course will depend on its risk assessment. Please visit the HSE website – for information to help you choose the right level of cover for your business.

First aid at work training courses

Automated external defibrillator
Emergency first aid at work
Emergency paediatric first aid
Paediatric first aid
Primary first aid at work
First aid at work requalification
First aid at work annual refresher

Our experienced trainers deliver our first aid courses at MOHS’s training centre in West Bromwich. If you have a several employees who need training, we can deliver group training sessions on your premises. The maximum is normally 12 delegates per session, as per IOSH guidelines.

To book a course or to request further information, contact Michelle Nicholls on 0121 601 4041 or email

For information on all our courses and assessments, download our 2020 Health and Safety Training booklet.

Changes to first aid at work regulations

The HSE no longer approves training providers. It does, however, offer advice about what type of training your organisation needs.

As a quality training provider, MOHS complies with all standards and meets necessary legal obligations.

What does all that experience and level of accreditation mean for you?

You can book your first aid at work training with utter confidence. We have comprehensive course literature that you keep as a constant reminder. We have multiple bespoke training rooms in which to deliver the course, a kitchen and can even organise a (paid) lunch for you.

If you're still unsure we're right for you, here's HSE's advice on choosing a competent training organisation. Stay safe. Stay well. Stay alert!

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