Cost: £80 + VAT per person

We offer a short anaphylaxis training course tailored to anyone who needs/wants training to deal with severe allergic reactions.

Anaphylaxis - or anaphylactic shock - is a potentially life-threatening reaction to one or more of many 'triggers'. Common triggers include:

  • everyday foods:
    • nuts, including peanuts;
    • fish and shellfish;
    • milk and/or eggs;
    • certain fruit;
  • medicines, such as:
    • NSAIDs (including aspirin);
    • antibiotics;
    • general anaesthetic;
  • materials and fibres:
    • contrast dyes;
    • latex (rubber gloves and prophylactics).
  • or it can even be caused by an indeterminable trigger, which we call idiopathic anaphylaxis.

Course overview

During this 3-hour course our trainers will teach you:

  • Care of the unconscious casualty;
  • CPR;
  • Signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis;
  • Management of anaphylaxis.

It is recommended that delegates repeat this course annually.

*We can deliver group training onsite at a client's premises for between 3-12 delegates.

For further information, contact Michelle Nicholls on 0121 601 4041 /

In our 2019 Training Prospectus, you'll find details of this course on Page 4.

MOHS Anaphylaxis training overview
Duration 3 hours
Qualification basic life skills, anaphylaxis training
Cost £80 + VAT per person
Dates To fit/as required
Venue MOHS Training Centre, West Bromwich*
Places 6*

This course does not have set dates and can be booked on request. Please email for more information.

Anyone who wants or needs training to treat anaphylaxis sufferers in the event of a severe reaction


Excellent trainer, Plenty of practical experience to boost your confidence. Good fun, too!

Debbie - - GKN Driveline Birmingham Ltd

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