Ergonomic assessments

Our ergonomic assessments are for employees with:

  • musculoskeletal disorders,
  • existing medical conditions,
  • disabilities or specific requirements (e.g. reduced mobility), or
  • age-related conditions (e.g. arthritis).

We have designed our assessment so that it offers employers practical and cost effective solutions to workplace ergonomic problems.  departments can also use the results to help people returning to work after extended absence.

We assess each employee individually to best ascertain their requirements. This can include discussing any work-related issues and spending time at their workstation to observe their particular way of working.

We then prepare our report. It identifies employers' DSE legal obligations and recommends appropriate adjustments. This could point to more suitable equipment, postural changes and task design.

Each ergonomic assessment, including a bespoke report tailored to the employee, is £350 + VAT per day (pro rata).

Age-related assessments

To enable older workers to function effectively, we need to understand how they work, both physiologically and psychologically.

By ensuring that employers design roles/jobs to fit the employee — including their physical and mental capabilities — age shouldn't be a barrier to continued working.

Our age-related assessments can help working into later life by improving:

  • workplace and environmental design,
  • job and task design, and
  • reduction of physical and mental risks to older workers.

Workplaces can harness technologies and innovative work practices to support older workers, including adaptations to machines for farsightedness and slower reaction times.

We give special attention to solutions for manual handling tasks and avoiding extremely heavy physical work and excessively hot working environments.

DSE workstation assessments

Sitting at a computer for long periods does no one any good. Incorrect posture or poorly positioned equipment may cause back pain or RSI and heighten the risk of negative musculoskeletal impact.

We consider all aspects of the workstation in our DSE workplace assessments. They include appraising how each employee works and the position of their equipment and furniture.

Employers can often make recommended changes without delay (or without incurring great costs) immediately after the assessment. Our advice on posture and how to use your body at your work station offers simple but effective remedies to common issues.

Vehicle assessments

Driving long distances may cause back problems that could, if they go untreated, lead to chronic disability.

We examine vehicles for their compatibility with the specific anthropometric measurements as well as assessing the postural and work requirements of the driver.

Workplace assessments

Our workplace assessments offer practical and cost-effective solutions to ergonomic and workplace injuries. They also provide advice on legal compliance, regulation and good practice.

For further information on any DSE or ergonomic enquiry, please contact Glen Musgrove via email: or phone: 0121 601 4041.

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