Mental Health Training Courses

In the last decade we've seen a huge change in the global approach to mental and psychological ill health. We're beginning to understand that everyone has mental health, just as everyone has physical health. Also like our bodies, our minds sometimes become unwell, to differing degrees and with different catalysts.

We're still a long way from universal acceptance of psychological conditions, especially in business. However, we are learning to help treat people with psychological illnesses more effectively. And thanks to a small but growing number of celebrities admitting they suffer or have suffered from a form of mental illness, attitudes are changing.

Such openness has paved the way for other sufferers to talk about their conditions without fear of stigma or discrimination. More and more, we're seeing businesses adopt open minded attitudes in the workplace.

That said, we know we've still got a long way to go to encourage workmates to open up about their mental health. When they feel comfortable enough to talk about their psychological conditions, managers need to be ready.

MOHS has engaged psychotherapists, accredited third parties and industry thought leaders to develop a range of mental health training courses. Our scope is constantly broadening, but here are current programmes:

  • Mental health awareness training for managers:
    • this full day awareness training course is designed to give those with managerial responsibility an understanding of common mental health conditions in the workplace;
  • Mental Health First Aid Two-Day Course
    • the course teaches delegates how to recognise signs and symptoms of common mental health issues, helping sufferers on a first aid basis and effective signposting towards support services.;

For further information or to book a place in confidence, please email or call 0121 601 4041.

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