Understanding Stress, Awareness of Suicidality and Building a Culture of Discipline

Cost: £525 (morning) or £785 (+1 module) or £1,045 (+2 modules)

Understanding Stress, Awareness of Suicidality and Building a Culture of Discipline

Managers play a critical role in recognising and addressing workplace stress. Understanding the issues, the benefit of overcoming them and the legal requirements for doing so is essential for today's leaders.

This includes (but isn't limited to) H.R. personnel, health and safety representatives, line– and middle managers, team leaders and trade union representatives. In fact, this course would benefit anyone with managerial/supervisory responsibilities.

The schedule takes shape in 1–, 2– or 3–part workshops. Part 1, Understanding Stress, is compulsory. You can choose to do either or both of the other components, each 1½ hours long. Together, the course delivers the essential skills you need for building a healthy, productive workplace:

Table of Contents

  1. Part 1: Understanding Stress and Other Common Mental Health Problems;
  2. Part 2: Awareness of Suicidality (suicidal intentions);
  3. Part 3: Building a Culture of Discipline;
  4. cost breakdown.

Part One: Understanding Stress and Other Common Mental Health Problems

Part 1 of the course is compulsory. Understanding stress in the first instance is the springboard to the other two (optional) components of this training.

It uses simple tools that are designed to address, educate and reassure managers. The tools' aim is to teach delegates how to deal with stress in various ways, including action plans, basic coaching skills and examining the processes that facilitate higher standards in management.

In this first three-hour session, you will learn:

  • to identify what problems exist within your team/workplace;
  • why stress and associated conditions are a problem for the employee and the broader organization;
  • what you can do to alleviate problems for the employee and your team;
  • what your legal and obligatory duties are towards the employee(s) suffering from stress.

Key Benefits

From those core lessons, you will take away new or honed management skills, including:

  • a greater understanding of common mental health problems and the effects they have on individuals and organisations;
  • greater confidence in addressing issues brought to you by staff experiencing the effects of common mental health problems;
  • improved communication skills;
  • heightened management techniques for emotional situations;
  • a more receptive awareness of the effects of authority;
  • tolerance and understanding of emotional or distressed colleagues;
  • greater signposting skills;
  • how to help employees who are experiencing adversity.

Details of this component are in this table:

Understanding Stress Component:
Part 1, Morning, Compulsory
Duration 3 hours
Cost £525 + VAT
Course Dates On application
Venue Client's site
Max places 20

Table 1.
‘Understanding Stress and Other Common Mental Health Problems’ component only

Part 2: Awareness of Suicidality

One of the most frequent statements of colleagues and peers after someone they worked with commits suicide has got to be:
“I'd never have guessed…”

This optional 1½ hour afternoon module is designed to prevent just that scenario. It's about managers spotting the signs, knowing what to do and how to approach an employee they think is drowning under the weight of psychological pressure.

Awareness of suicidality (suicidal intentions) teaches managers and supervisors how to:

  • identify signs and symptoms of suicidal intention;
  • discuss the issue with employees;
  • assess risk and use simple risk management techniques;
  • work with an action plan.

It's one of those management skills you learn and hope you never have to use. But if you use it only once and it saves someone from serious harm or worse, you'll think it's the best hour-and-a-half you've ever spent.

Please don't forget, you must complete "Understanding Stress and Other Common Mental Health Problems" before this module.

Part 3: Building a Culture of Discipline

The culture of discipline this third module talks about isn't a step back to Victorian workhouse discipline. Today, we need to learn when to step back from work as well as step up. We need to know that boundaries outside of work aren't necessarily the same as in the office or on the shopfloor.

This optional afternoon module is, like Part 2, 1½ hours long. Using genuine evidence as a base, our trainer leverages the best of modern psychology to help us examine changes we can make that naturally lead to cultures of discipline:

  • the attributes of leadership necessary for managing demands whilst reducing the possible adverse effects of focused pressure;
  • how to identify team members who are capable of belonging to a culture of discipline;
  • the habits required to maintain discipline and benefit from it in the long term.

Please don't forget, you must complete "Understanding Stress and Other Common Mental Health Problems" before this module (but not necessarily Part 2!).

Part 2 & 3 Costs & Availability:

You can't take either Part 2 or Part 3 (or both) without first completing Part 1.

You can take either Part 2 or Part 3 after Part 1. Or you can take both Parts 2 and 3. Or neither. But whatever optional courses you choose, you must take them on the same day that you complete Part 1 of this course.

Each additional module you take costs £260 + VAT (for up to 20 people). Here are a couple of costing examples for you:

Part 1 + one additional module:

Part 1, compulsory, is £525. One optional course is £260.

So, if you took Part 1 + Part 2 or Part 3, the total cost of the training would cost you:
£525 + £260 = £785 + VAT

Duration for Part 1 + 1 optional module: 3 hours + 1½ hours = 4½ hours (plus breaks)

Part 1 + both additional modules:

If you took Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, the total cost of the training would cost you:
£525 + £260 + £260 = £1,045 + VAT

Duration for all three modules: 3 hours + 1½ hours + 1½ hours = 6 hours (plus breaks)

As we deliver this course and its modules in association with Mind Health Development and at your premises, there are no set dates.

Please call 0121 601 4041 or email info@mohs.co.uk to start the conversation and get you and your managers stress, suicide and discipline aware.

We work with clients to tailor this course to their schedule, so it has no set dates; email info@mohs.co.uk to discuss your requirement.

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders: anyone who is responsible for a managed or supervised team

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